18th Jan 2021

Tom Boonen is the New Global Brand Ambassador of La Passione

05th Jan 2021

La Passione Cycling Couture suggests some pieces to keep riding in wintertime

04th Dec 2020

Warm winter accessories available from La Passione Cycling Couture

25th Nov 2020

Winter is magical with La Passione Cycling Couture merino family

19th Nov 2020

Autumn favorites by La Passione Cycling Couture

13th Nov 2020

NDR Collection: La Passione Cycling Couture presents the new indoor clothing

11th Nov 2020

All-season - the essentials from La Passione Cycling Couture for the start of the new season

23th Jul 2020

Gear up for gravel rides with the new La Passione Cycling Couture Adventure Collection

16th Jul 2020

Feel, the new women’s collection from La Passione Cycling Couture

19th May 2020

The Insulated Alpha® Gilet from La Passione: warmth that fits in your pocket!

30th Apr 2020

The PSN 2020 collection from La Passione: the bestseller is back

24th Apr 2020

Vibes & Duo, the new jerseys from La Passione Cycling Couture

07th Apr 2020

Mimesis: the Camou collection designed for the adventure

31th Mar 2020

Bib shorts by La Passione Cycling Couture. Five lines for infinite routes

27th Mar 2020

Geometry and performance. The Cell Collection from la Passione Cycling Couture is online

06th Mar 2020

La Passione Cycling Couture joins Eurosport in a new adventure for 2020

19th Feb 2020

La Passione helping Animals Australia

11th Feb 2020

La Passione: Affordable direct-to-consumer Premium Products

08th May 2019

PSN Lightweight Jerseys - Get ready for warmer days

06th May 2019

Vichy Collection - The exuberance of a fashion motif

05th May 2019

Check Collection - The romantic side of a performing jersey

02th Apr 2019

Geometric Collection - Choose to be Minimal

25th Mar 2019

Stripes Collection - Stand out in Stripes

12th Feb 2019

PSN Jersey - Welcome Essentiality

05th Feb 2019

PSN Bib Short Grey

23th Jan 2019

Livery Collection - Start your engine

15th June 2018

La Passione Testimonial per Pay Pal

17th May 2018

Pattern Collection - Design oriented

29th Mar 2018

PSN Collection - Less is more

3rd Feb 2018

Introducing new Diagonal Collection